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Ceramics Produced With Techniques Dating Back to the 14th Century

Ceramics Produced With Techniques Dating Back to the 14th Century

In 1994 we first imported ceramic wares from Vietnam. At that time the country was opening up to foreign trade. That first consignment was mainly plate ware in blue and white and celadon bowls.

Ten years later Red River Imports was formed to forge a new relationship with ceramic producers in Vietnam . Red River ceramic wares from Vietnam, traditional ceramic production, from a lineage of potters dating back to the 14th Century.

The Red River delta area is one such production site, close to the capital Hanoi and inland from the port city of Haiphong. Extensive clay deposits in the delta have always provided a rich source for the production of ceramic wares. New clay deposits have been developed as older ones are depleted.

The delta area is constantly cycling through phases of flooding, waterways move in this process, new clay deposits are revealed and exploited. ‘In order to produce a ceramic piece the potter has to select, treat and mix the clay, shape the product,
decorate, apply the glaze and finally fire it in the kiln. This process is repeated not only from generation to generation, from family to family, from village to village, but also right across production sites’

Our current consignment of ceramic wares are in three colour ways, blue and white, celadon and green/coral.There are many combinations both in colour and form, from large bowls, dishes and plates to smaller bowls, plates and vessels.


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